My journey of developing into an Evidential Medium interested me in exploring the paranormal. I became very interested in ITC or Instrumental Trans-Communication. ITC is an umbrella term for all forms of spirit communication using any electrical instrument. The best-known method of ITC is Electronic Voice Phenomenon or EVP. The term Instrumental Trans-Communication was coined in the 1970s by Prof Ernst Senkowski, a scientist with a background in experimental Psychics who went on to conduct experiments to try to find out the source of unexplained voices on audio tapes, and this became known as Electronic Voice Phenomenon or EVP.

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As a natural book person, I soon found "Voices of Eternity" by Sarah Wilson Estep. The book is about her journey of tape-recording messages of voices thought to be those of her deceased friends, relatives, and "spirit guides" and answering questions about the afterlife and reincarnation. I was hooked on EVP before, but after reading Sarah's book, I was all in!

I spent around five years exploring and researching EVPs. I could communicate and connect with a higher intelligence that isn't living in a Psychical body or never lived in a Psychical body. As the years went on, Spirit voices told me that I was communicating with eight levels of dimensions of time and space. Also, they all can communicate with each other.

When doing my EVP research sessions with spirit communication, I only work with and communicate with good, kind, benevolent, loving spirits who would like to have a voice through my equipment.

Between my Spirit communicators and me, we have recorded over 500 audio and video sessions of communication. With more to come!

Around five years into my research, Spirit, in subtle ways, started drawing me into developing into becoming an Evidential Medium. At this point, they had been working with me as a Psychical Medium and continue working with me that way.

Shortly after that awareness, I began my studies to become an Evidential Medium. All my Professional training is with small groups of students in year-long Mentorship or Progressive classes. I choose to study with highly respected world-class International Mediums who are Tutors at the world-renowned Arthur Finley College in the UK.
My classmates, and now many of them personal friends, live worldwide. What a blessing Zoom is! What an exciting time this has been for me and my development!
I continue to develop my skills as an evidential medium by continuing advanced training for evidential mediumship development. I continue with my EVP research with Spirit Intelligence on the other side. I have over 500 audio/videos of communication with Spirit.

As a Medium, I connect energetically
Soul to Soul in Both Worlds

As a Medium, I connect energetically Soul to Soul in both worlds, the Psychical one where we live and the spiritual one where our Loved ones are. When I am working with your Soul, here in the Psychical world, this is called a Psychic reading. I read your Soul Psychically. When I am working with a Soul who has passed over and is in the Spirit world, this is called an Evidential Mediumship reading. I read the Spirit person's Soul Medium mystically. I provide evidence known about or heard about so you know that this is the person or persons communicating with you. I offer two types of readings: the Psychic reading and the Evidential Mediumship reading. At times, a sitting is a combination of both. It just can happen that way.

I will receive the information in several different ways. It is through what is called the Clair's. When I receive the information through the Clairvoyance, I will see pictures in my mind. I will get the Psychical feeling when I receive the information through the Clairsentience. When I receive the info Clairaudience, I will hear words or sentences in my mind. When I receive the information Claircognizance, I have a 'knowing' of what Spirit wishes to communicate. I might experience a smell through the Clairsalience or a taste through the Clairgustance.

I continue development as an Evidential Medium; I want to improve my skills and ability to connect to the Spirit world. Since 2017, I have and continue to professionally train with reputable Mediums across the Globe.

I have trained with Mediums Martin Trycross and John Johnson. With Tutor and Course Organizer at Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College Trance Medium Andrej Djordjevitch, I studied Trance Healing, Trance Evidential and Trance Channeling. With Tutor and Course Organizer at Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College Evidential Medium Andy Byng, for three years I was in a small Progressive Group that met once a month and three times a year for a four day workshop. We worked on the fundamentals of Mediumistic development. Andy’s Progressive Group allows him to get to know each student as an individual and tailor training for that individual. Individually we received open and constructive feedback that strengthened and deepened our Mediumship.

With International and World Renowned Tutor and Course Organizer at Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College and House of Spirit, Medium Paul Jacobs. Paul was a personal friend, student and protege of the world famous British Spiritualist Medium Gordon Higgenson. Paul travels worldwide publicly demonstrating and teaching Mediumship, so that as many people as possible can discover the reality of life after death. For two years, I was in a small Progressive Group lead by Paul. We met monthly and had two 4 days workshops each year.

Going forward, I am now training with Internationally known Spiritual Mediums Phil Dykes and Kerry Mcleod. For the passed three years, I take a weekly class for Professionally Developing Demonstrating Mediumship to groups of people, a weekly class for Professionally giving Private Readings for Mediumship and a weekly class for Professionally giving Psychic Readings. Over the last several years, I am in their Advanced Mediumship Progressive class. Here, each month, we bring all of our learning together and make our Mediumship personal to us individually. I have also taken the following Workshops that Phil and Kerry have offered: A workshop on Deepening the Evidence. The Spiritual Assessment Workshop to recognize and appreciate the mental, emotional and Psychical expressions of others to offer insight and understanding around their soul qualities and spiritual abilities. Reading the Aura Workshop to discover reading the Aura of others including creating aura-graphs and aura-grams. Inspired Writing from your Soul and from Spirit Workshop. Psychic Development class for understanding the seven needs of the Sitter. Psychic Development class for understanding the Four aspects of the Soul. Psychic Development class to better understand how to Deliver the Evidence and a Spiritual Healing workshop for the Body, Mind and Spirit. I have been a Demonstrating Medium on the We Don’t Die Sunday Gatherings. I have given the Spiritual address on the We Don’t Die Sunday Gatherings. I have done Mediumship contacts and Psychic readings for people from all over the world.

I have been professionally trained as a Certified Consulting Hypnotist since 1998. I am a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. My business, Miami Valley Hypnosis, Inc., is where I have worked with people since 1998, to help them achieve their personal goals. Like quitting smoking, weight loss, reduce stress and anxiety, remove fears and panic, sport improvement, unwanted habits and more. You can find me, as a Hypnotist, at I have studied astrology extensively. I have a vast astrological library. I have read astrology charts and taught astrology classes. I have had several personal UFO contactee experiences. You can find some of my stories about my UFO experiences published in a book called "Letters of Love & Light" Four Decades of UFO Encounters, Experiences, and Sightings." Shared with Ufologist R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., written by Katie Griboski. My love and safety for all animals goes to the core of my being. My Home includes many dogs and cats.


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