Mediums can raise their vibrations so that they receive communication with loved ones who have passed over into spirit. The medium’s primary aim should always be to allow the spirit world to connect with you (the sitter) so that you recognize the information and personality of the communicator you know in the spirit world. They are proving the existence of life after death. The talent of a medium lies in connecting with the world of the spirits, so you would need the help of a medium if the spirit of a deceased loved one wanted to reach out to you or if you wanted to communicate with a loved one who has passed over. A medium can give you information about people who have passed to the other side—a Medium blends in with the energies of the loved one in spirit. Spirit energies are lighter and subtler than human energies. A medium focuses on the loved one in spirit. It relays messages as they are, without interpretation, which is why often they might make sense only to the receiver and not the medium. A medium’s job is to prove life after death. Mediums are like bridges, connecting this world and the next.


A psychic cannot connect to the spirit world. A psychic reads your energy and draws information from that. A psychic is picking up information about you and your situation. Psychics can help reveal information about your life to help you answer important questions that bother you. A psychic can blend with your aura, the energy field surrounding you, to get a read on what is going on in your life, past or present. Their senses go beyond typical human perceptions but do not deliver messages from spirits. Their skills are better focused on you and the physical world. Psychics are like interpreters, translating the messages of your energy.


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