1. You Feel Their Presence

Feeling your loved ones' presence is the most common experience. You get the sense that the person is nearby or near you. The feeling of your departed loved one's presence is not a visual encounter. There's a difference between being in a room alone and having your departed loved one here with you. You can feel it. You might notice a change in energy in the home or movement in the air. Some say they get "chills" or feel a difference in body temperature. This feeling is your departed loved one within your physical aura. Spirit will come close, and although you may not see or hear them, those chills are your body's response to FEELING them around you! Sometimes, you may feel a subtle change in the atmosphere, and emotionally, you may feel very loved or a loving presence.

2. Touch

You might also feel a reassuring touch—like someone taking your hand, a touch on the shoulder, a nudge, a hug, a breeze or stroking your hair, patting your back, or even hugging you. The sensation of touch is a less common experience because most people probably do not know many other people by touch alone. Touching happens more if it is a loved one that you are physically close with.

3. Hearing a Voice

Hearing the voice of the departed or having an auditory experience is very common. At the same time, some people hear an external, audible voice, and many claim that the voice comes from within. This internal voice is not just a thought. People who've experienced this phenomenon say the voice is not their own—it's a distinct entity. Sometimes, this voice sounds like that of the departed. Other times, it is reassuring, comforting, and otherworldly

4. Smells

You might experience a sudden waft of your loved one's cologne or perfume. Your departed loved one manifests a scent you associate with them to let you know they are still with you. Other familiar scents include tobacco smoke and the smell of favorite foods, flowers, or any distinguishable and unique scent connected to your loved one.

5. Visitation Dreams

One of the most common forms of Spirit communication is visitations through your dreams. These are different from regular dreams. Visitation dreams are more real than ordinary dreams. In a typical dream, it all seems very real; you wake up and say, 'I'm going to remember this dream forever.' And unless you have written it down, it begins to fade away. When people experience a visitation dream, they can recall it vividly years and years later. It's like it just happened last night. When a loved one visits you in a dream, it will likely tell you they are okay. To reassure you that they are whole and healed on the other side. They may also wish to put your mind at ease and let you know they are a witness to your life and journey. Visitation dreams can be a way for them to form a closer connection with you or to validate your feelings about wanting to connect with them. When your loved one communicates a message to you in your dream, it may be easier to absorb than if you were awake. Spirits like to communicate with us in this altered mental state because our thinking mind is relaxed, and our intuitive knowing is focused. When we're visited by a loved one in our dreams, we have lasting impressions and insights that help direct us forward in our waking lives.

6. Unexplained Electrical Activity

Spirit will use electricity and devices to try to get your attention. Those on the other side use energy to connect with those still alive. They get our attention by manipulating the energy in electrical devices (TV, lamps, toys, radio, etc.). Lights are going on and off, radios are changing stations, or the radio may turn on inexplicably, and the station will play the deceased's favorite song. How about your cell phone ringing, and when you look, is it the contact number of your loved one in Spirit? Has a voicemail randomly played? It's easy for spirits to manipulate electricity and cross wires, so to speak because both spirits and electricity are forms of energy that vibrate at a high frequency. Look for lights flickering in the house, light bulbs blowing out, or disturbances with television sets, radios, appliances, and computers. These are all typical spirit moves and often just their way of saying hello.

7. Seeing Orbs or flashes of light

In addition to electrical energy, spirits can also draw upon light energy to enter the physical realm. You may see streaks of light moving in front of you or out of the corner of your eye. Animals are also highly attuned to this light energy. You may notice your dog barking or cat staring at what appears to be thin air; they might be sensing this light energy manifestation of your deceased loved one. Technology advancements have allowed photography to capture balls of electrical energy, known as Orbs, which others believed to be spirit energy balls. If you take a photograph and notice circular balls of energy around you, this is a sign your loved one is present.

8. Coins

Coins, pennies, nickels, and dimes are other widely reported possible "signs" from the departed. Throughout history, coins have been a common symbol of mourning. Many believe that finding pennies, nickels, and dimes in unexpected places signifies the deceased. Some people have reported finding coins lying on the floor individually or in odd groupings. Spirit might be arranging coins in a circular pattern or a line. Others have even claimed that coins sometimes fall out of the air to land on their heads. If you find a coin that you think might be a sign from the deceased, check the date on the coin. That could be an additional sign if the date is significant in your life or the departed's life.

9. Music

A random song comes on the radio, immediately taking you back to a memory of a loved one. A particular song that reminds you of your loved one happens to be playing. This seemingly random act is Spirit communicating with you. They may play a favorite artist or song, or there may be a memorable lyric for you to listen to as a message. Music plays at just the right time when thinking about your loved one. Electronic devices produce currents of energy that allow the spirit world to communicate with you, and these can all be signs from your loved ones that have passed.

10. Numbers and Synchronicity

Many people notice numbers, patterns, and synchronicity. The exact number you see repeating isn't essential; instead, it's the importance you place on it. If you associate a loved one with the number "111," you see that number "111" on a license plate before you. When you look at the clock, the time is "1:11 pm". You see an address number "111". You are checking into a hotel. And your hotel room number is "111". You can be sure this synchronicity is a sign from your loved one that they are around you supporting you. Numbers don't need to appear in synchronicity to be meaningful; simply thinking that you miss your friend and then noticing the number "111" can be significant, especially when accompanied by a feeling or knowing.

12. Birds

Feathers might be a sign from the departed, but so are certain birds. In particular, hummingbirds, cardinals, and owls are considered "signs" from the departed. Suppose hummingbirds or cardinals don't usually show up around your home, and you see one shortly after a loved one dies. In that case, you might interpret that as a sign of communication from a loved one.

13. Butterflies

The most commonly reported sign from a deceased loved one is the butterfly. Butterflies represent the human soul in many cultures. They also symbolize endurance, hope, and the life cycle. The behavior is essential, the key. Just seeing a butterfly is very different than if it lands on your hand, shoulder, or knee. A single butterfly may follow a person around or appear repeatedly. Some have reported that a butterfly allowed them to hold it in their hands for long periods.

14. Dragonflies

In addition to butterflies, people often report an increased presence of dragonflies as a sign of deceased loved ones. The dragonfly symbolizes wisdom, light, and adaptability. It's thought to represent emotion rather than the soul as a whole. Many believe the dragonfly shows up to bring lightness and joy to a person's life. The difference might be as simple as the region where you live: maybe butterflies are more common, but dragonflies suddenly start appearing, or vice versa.

15. Squirrels and Deer

Flying creatures aren't the only ones that could act as a sign from a deceased loved one. People have also reported squirrels, chipmunks, Deer, and other wildlife as possible signs. Sometimes, the departed loved one had a special appreciation for a particular animal, like a deer. So when a deer appeared soon after they passed away, their family interpreted that as a sign. In other instances, a creature appeared where it usually wouldn't soon after someone passed away. Squirrels are messengers to remind us to prepare and gather for the future. They symbolize generosity, diligence, and the ability to persist. The Deer is a connection to the supernatural. Deer speak to us about alertness, self-reliance, and protection. In many cultures, the Deer symbolizes spiritual authority and regeneration.

16. Rainbows

Rainbows symbolize hope, optimism, and the promise of good things to come. When the Rainbow appears after you have asked your departed loved one for assistance, it reminds you that you are never alone. Spotting a rainbow after losing a loved one confirms their loved one is at peace in Heaven. A Rainbow is also a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds.


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